Latimer Hall

School of Divinity

An educational arm of the Worldwide Anglican Orthodox Church

Latimer Hall is dedicated to the religious education of Christian ministers in the tradition of the Anglican Orthodox Church adhering to the Holy Bible (KJV) in all matters of Faith and Doctrine, a strict reliance on the Thirty Nine Articles of Religion, the two Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, the Two Creeds, and the Homilies and formularies of the Reformation Church of England.

Our goal is to bring an understanding of Scripture to those who would enter the ministry and those whose lives would benefit from a greater understanding of Scripture, History and the Church. We are conscious of walking in the footsteps of those who have gone before us serving God in the Anglican Tradition.


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Prayer Team

Bishop Jerry

Rev Jack and Hap

Bishop Dennis

Morning Prayer

Evening Prayer

M & E Prayer Shorter

Bishop Jerry's Devotions

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Faithful Centurion - Rev Jack

St. Paul's - Bishop Roy

St. George - Rev Lewis

St. Peter's - GHQ

Download Resources

Introduction Booklet

1928 Book of Common Prayer

King James Bible, Authorized Version in Word (no Apocrypha) (5.8Mb)

KJV (no Apocrypha) in pdf (8.1Mb)

KJV in pdf complete (3.2Mb)

The Lord's Prayer line by line

The Nicene Creed line by line

Why I Love the Book of Common Prayer

Thou, Thee and Me - Archaic or just Proper English

MORE Downloads

King James Version Assets

What about Baptism?

What about Holy Communion?

Jack Arnold Ordination Pictures

Saint George's Trip 2013

50th Anniversary Celebration in the Solomon Islands (22Mb)

Church Basic Course

No Man Knoweth (8Mb) a great presentation on life - pick one to download, they are all the same presentation.

Bishop Roy's Consecraton

South American Ordinations

Tear Bottle of the Lord

On Lent

Rich or Poor

Africa Flyer 2014

Africa Photographs 2014

Art of God Video Poetry by Bishop Jerry pick one to download, they are all the same presentation.

Going Home Video by Bishop Jerry pick one to download, they are all the same presentation.

AOC Photojournals

Saint George's Trip 2015


Presiding Bishop Bishop Jerry Ogles EMAIL

Course Instructor Bishop Roy Morales-Kuhn EMAIL

Course Instructor Rev Jack Arnold EMAIL


About the AOC

Learn much more about the Anglican Orthodox Church and its orgins RIGHT HERE.


The Church Basic Course

This is text for our basic introducton to the Anglcian Orthodox Church Course and you can download it RIGHT HERE.



We have a small library that is available for download. The link above and HERE will bring you to a folder that will let you download the various books. It is not that fancy, but it has a lot of interesting books. Most are .pdfs and can be opened in most reader programs for iPads and the like.

You will find King James Bibles, Prayer Books, Books on Religion and history of the church, all free!

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